Welcome to the Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Communities of Practice

Social Inclusion and Vocational Access

TAFE NSW supports socially inclusive programs and services that address the needs of disadvantaged and marginalised members of the community by increasing access to vocational education and training. This is reflected in documents such as the:

These Communities of Practice support stakeholders whose work is guided by these and other socially inclusive policies and guidelines. Specific Communities can be reached through the navigation panel on the left side of this page.

Additional information can be found in the Social Inclusion section of the TAFE Training and Education Support Intranet page.and at the SI&VA web page' The Australian Government has also developed Social Inclusion Principles to underpin programs and services.

These principles informed the development of the National VET Equity Advisory Council Equity Blueprint - 2011 to 2016. A Blueprint Summary is also available along with other research papers published by the Council. The National Centre for Vocational Education Research also provides a valuable resource for research papers and findings that address social inclusion.

Social inclusion and vocational access Communities of Practice updated 20 November 2013